The programme is modularised with three exit points. The availability of each exit point may vary from one institution to another. You may choose to avail any of the above certification based on the credits completed by you.

The Grading System

The university adopts the following grading systems for the students of MBA/ MPA Programme.

The Credit System

The CMBA/CMPA Programmes are based on a credit accumulation system. Each CMBA/CMPA credit is defined on the basis of 20 hours of study load which comprises all learning activities such as working through student materials, preparing assignments, tutorial activity and preparing for examinations, etc. All courses in the Programme carry a credit weightage of 6 (120 study hours). This indication is intended to help the student understand the academic effort required for successful completion of a course and the Programme.

Continuing Students

After taking admission in the first semester the students are treated as continuing students of the university. The university contacts the continuing students for enrollment in their next semester. They are provided the computerized admission forms for enrollment. If a student is unable to get the form in the middle of a semester, he/ she is advised to contact his/her nearest regional office of Allama Iqbal Open University and obtain the blank form. There-after, the student is advised to deposit the fee and forms in the designated branches of the Banks. It is necessary for the smooth running of semesters without any break. It is also clarified that the terms and conditions and fee structure of all fresh and continuing student is the same.

Re-Arrangement of Course/Prospectus

The university has the right of revision and replacement of courses given in this prospectus and the university can also substitute compulsory or elective courses from time to time without any notice.